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A Note from the Director:



During the 2002 Winter Olympics in SLC, several contacts have been made between the SLC and Torino representatives, because Torino will be hosting the next 2006 Winter Games. As a follow up of these productive meetings, the SL County and the Province of Torino have decided to start a Sister Counties exchange program.

It would be interesting to check if a similar program between the two dioceses could work. The contact person in the Torino diocese is don Ermis Segatti, in charge of the Office of Pastorale della Cultura. He is also a professor at the Theological Seminary of Torino, an author, and has a good knowledge of the English language. He has received permission to start contacts with the SL Diocese from don Bertinetti, in charge of the Office for the Torino 2006 Religious Relations.

The "Sister Dioceses" status could be formally established after a period of trial, if both the SL bishop and the Torino cardinal agree.  Here are a few ideas for possible contacts:

-Exchange of books on the history of the dioceses, subscriptions to periodical/s and other publications.

-Put in contact students of the junior high and high schools through e-mail.

-Set up a website with a bulletin board for announcements from both sides.

-Exchange of high school students for a summer, a school semester or a year.

-Exchange of Theology students, for a summer, a school semester or a year.

-Vacations/visits of parish priests clergy and officers.

-Madaleine Choir including Torino on their tours abroad.

-An organist from Torino invited to the Cathedral organ festival.

-Couples/families exchanging vacation homes.

-Catholic businessmen and professionals exchanging visits.

-Assessment of the contacts after one year or two and decision to continue, stop, or reduce the project.

Reverend Ermis Segatti, a top official of the Torino Diocese, will come to visit the Salt Lake Diocese this Spring.

Dr. Adrian Comollo, Director